Walker Love

Walker Love are Scotland’s largest Sheriff Office. Their individual Sheriffs and Messenger-at-Arms are authorised by the courts to enforce court orders. As a result of this, if you attempt to prevent Walker Love from doing their jobs, you could be held in comtempt of court.


  • Council Tax
  • Business Rates
  • Benefit Overpayments

When pursuing your debt, Walker Love will take the following steps:

You will be issued with a ‘Charge to pay’ or ‘Charge for Payment’ by Walker Love. This is a letter that instructs you to pay your debt within 14 days.

Ideally, this is the time to act! If you cannot afford to pay the debt then contact us either by clicking here or call us on 0800 989 0137 We can get the Walker Love to stop!

If you fail to pay the debt within the 14 day period, Walker Love will move on to their second step which could mean:

  1. Arresting Your Wages

  2. Arresting Your Bank Accounts

  3. Petitioning for Your Sequestration (Bankruptcy)

Walker Love may also attempt to gain an ‘Attachment of Goods Order’. This allows Walker Love to seize your property in order to sell it and use the money to pay all or part of your debt.

Visit our Sheriff information page to find out more.

Being contacted by a Sheriff like Walker Love can be incredibly stressful and upsetting. If you have had a phone call or received a letter informing you that a Sheriff may be visiting your house or place of work, then don’t panic! We can help.

By entering into a Debt Solution like a Trust Deed  or Debt Arrangement Scheme you can avoid having your wages, earnings or bank account arrested and your money taken.

Instead, you could have affordable monthly repayments and you can keep your possessions and property. At the end of your 48 month term, any unsecured debt outstanding will be written off, leaving you debt free and able to make a fresh start.